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  • Learning how not to assume too much

    Tweet I write a lot about things people think are too controversial at times because it doesn’t apply to them (or it does!), such as whether or not men prefer women who make less than they do, and I know readers get mad when I […]

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  • In my own handwriting….

    Tweet I used FontCapture.com via LifeHacker’s post to fill out a printed grid, scan in the finished grid and create this message in my own handwriting…. Pretty awesome huh? Thanks to HÃ¥kon Bertheussen at FontCapture who created the concept behind the site, people like me […]

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  • I don’t even understand WTF some IT/Business writers are saying

    Tweet Business and IT writers, I can’t even begin to stress the importance of being CLEAR and keeping it SIMPLE. Keep it SO SIMPLE, that even a lowly consultant like me, in your business, can understand what you are trying to say. I read a […]

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