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  • Traveling in between seasons

    Tweet The worst thing about traveling is doing it in between seasons. Namely, in between autumn and winter seasons. One part of the world might be quite warm and tropical (Singapore), but farther up north, it’s freezing (Shanghai!). Or if you’re in between seasons in […]

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  • Hello Winter

    Tweet You are not my friend when I am outside. But you are sure pretty to look at when I am inside, safe, warm and cosy. My view from my apartment on the 19th. I forgot to post the picture, but it was just stunning. […]

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  • So I’ve just realized that I need a winter coat

    Tweet In my effort to de-clutter and organize, I actually got rid of anything that was: black didn’t fit well was uncomfortable too heavy not thick or warm enough Which, due to my AWFUL shopping habits (when I bought coats I liked without thinking), was […]

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  • Dress accordingly to the weather, I say!

    Dress accordingly to the weather, I say!

    Tweet I am all for fashion, style and looking cute as hell any time or place. But when it is freezing, cold, disgustingly slushy and wet …. ya dress APPROPRIATELY for the weather. A-P-P-R-O-P-R-I-A-T-E-L-Y! That means not in a miniskirt with suede little boots that […]

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  • Not venturing out today unless it’s for food

    Tweet And this is why I want to move to Texas. Heavy snow yesterday followed by ice pellets, then freezing rain this morning followed by a dusting (!!!) of a light snow storm (which looks worse than in the photos in real life because it […]

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