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  • What I am NOT buying (for now) :)

    Tweet Instead of a post on what I want to buy within the next little while, this is what I’m NOT buying. They are legitimate things I want, but am delaying for various reasons.. some out of my control. 1. Roland RD-700 GX 88 Key […]

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  • Oooo!!

    Tweet I spoke too soon. This leather jacket from Roots is also really cute. But also really expensive at $488 CAD *ouch* But look at that deep grey gunmetal colour! I just fear it’s a bit too thick for my liking. I prefer jackets with […]

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  • The Want List

    Tweet I feel like this could be thrown over anything and give an effortless edge to the outfit. Sheath dress with pearls and pumps? Throw the jacket on. Normal tank top and jeans? Throw the jacket on. Wrap dress with really wild colours? Throw the […]

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