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  • Annoy yourself into saving.

    Tweet I did this tactic for a bit when I first started trying to cut back on my insanely out of control budget categories. I annoyed myself. Every time I put something I KNEW wasn’t a necessity in my grocery basket, I asked myself it […]

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  • How to prevent identity theft

    Tweet The cost of identity theft to consumers, banks, credit card firms, stores and other businesses is estimated to be $2.5 billion (CDN) Take preventative measures now and you will not have to cry later when you have your identity stolen. It’s like backing up […]

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  • Passwords and everything about it

    Tweet It’s usually common practice to change your passwords once every 6 months or once every year. The only problem is that people tend to leave this until the last minute and/or they never even do it at all because it’s a hassle to keep […]

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  • More Blogger Tips & Tricks

    More Blogger Tips & Tricks

    Tweet If you’re a Blogger (using Blogspot) then here are a couple more tips that might help. I mentioned before that you can use Blogger Backup Utility to save your blog and your posts, but Blogger has now built in their own backup utility. So […]

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  • Phishing Alert: This one is pretty good…

    Tweet Everyone, please be careful when you receive communication from your banks or anywhere you have sensitive information or banking information. Here’s an example of something I got today: This is the best phishing message I’ve seen so far. The spelling and grammar is pretty […]

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