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  • Finding a job that you love

    Tweet Whenever I talk to my mom about my job (in the simplest terms possible), she inevitably sighs and says: I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m glad you’re happy. I could never do and understand what you do on a daily […]

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  • When money silently trickles away

    Tweet Frugal Zeitgeist (love her blog!) mentioned an interesting article by Kiplinger on what some major 20 money waters are. Here are her picks from that article. $1 — Buying new instead of used, wastes money This is particularly true for cars. They lose most […]

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  • Assumptions are not as real as they appear to be

    Tweet We always assume that the price in certain stores are lower, but are they really? This is something to think about, in the way that we shop for goods and make choices. Just because a store SAYS it’s “No Frills” or is called “Valu-Mart”, […]

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  • 10 Tips to Keep your Office/Work Area Neat

    Tweet 1. Go through your mail and deal with it as it comes. Do the following tasks every time you get a piece of mail – Deal with it right away (e.g. paying a bill online) – File it immediately (either in “To Do”/”Waiting for […]

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  • It’s TCB time! (Taking care of business)

    It’s TCB time! (Taking care of business)

    Tweet I hear from a lot of people that they don’t have time. They’re always running out with friends, going over to family homes for dinner, or doing work things. They’re totally excited to do everything, but underlying all of that, I always hear the […]

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