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  • Where I shop in Toronto: An Overview

    Tweet A few of you have asked where I shop in Toronto so I figured I’d do a guide that is relevant as of today’s date; therefore if you read it 5-10 years later and the shop has changed, then please don’t blame me 🙂 […]

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  • Shopping: Makeup, thrifting for designer clothes and buying wearable art

    Tweet WARNING! HEAVY SHOPPING UP AHEAD. If this bothers your sensibilities and frugal bones, then stop reading immediately. You have been warned… 🙂 MAKEUP This tanning-from-traveling-to-hot-countries-for-so-long-even-while-wearing-long-sleeves-and-a-hat thing has really turned my skin the darkest it’s ever been. All my other concealers and foundations are REALLY […]

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  • The three levels of frugality

    Tweet Many people NOT part of the personal finance (PF) blogosphere are not really aware of what the word “frugal” really means. I’ve already mentioned why I hate the word frugal, but I have resigned myself to using it for a little while longer until […]

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