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  • MYTH DEBUNKED: Tea does not have more caffeine than coffee

    Tweet For once and for all, I want to debunk the myth that tea contains more caffeine than in coffee. It is a half truth and my body confirms that, because when I tried caffeine pills and I tried coffee, both instances made me throw […]

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  • FB found a cheaper Starbucks substitute!!

    Tweet I love drinking tea. When I was working, I was introduced to an invention called “Hazelnut Cream” by Natrel in tthose little creamer packets… Colleague: Here snagged the last one for you. Hazelnut Creamer. They’ll blow your mind. FB: Wha?? It’s just a creamer. […]

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  • Tea for two, Tea for me, Tea for you

    Tea for two, Tea for me, Tea for you

    Tweet I am a huge fan of tea. I really really love the stuff. I don’t drink coffee because the amount of caffeine in there is enough to give me a huge migraine for the day, but tea has just the right amount of kick. […]

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