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  • Singapore – Transportation and Getting Around

    Tweet   Singapore is really known for their public transportation, and while they had some good ideas overall, I think they might have made it a bit too complicated/confusing for NON-Singaporeans to understand at first glance. That said, it’s fairly organized, extremely clean and wonderful.

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  • Open Letter to Subway People

    Open Letter to Subway People

    Tweet Seriously lady, when the entire train was near empty, what possessed you to decide to squeeze your lemon yellow ass in between the short space, JUST SO you could have the inside window seat on the RIGHT hand side of the train? Didn’t you […]

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  • Subway People

    Tweet Agitated Indian woman on platform, unable to board: You! You in the orange shirt! Do you speak English? Asian woman in orange shirt: … Yes. Agitated Indian woman: Could you move into the center of the car? Move in, move in! Move in so […]

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