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  • When is paying more for quality a big deal for you?

    Tweet I was thinking the other day about my rah-rah attitude towards paying more (slightly more, not 500% more) for quality. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t if I would pay for quality, but when I would consider paying for quality. There are […]

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  • Saving a lot of money is not necessarily the best thing

    Tweet Controversial title, right? What I mean by that, is many people (myself included) are under a general belief that saving as much as you can in every area, is the best PF thing you can possibly do. What we fail to mention is that […]

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  • Makeup: Where should you splurge or save?

    Tweet About.com’s 2010 Beauty Study: The study revealed that beauty products are considered a necessity, with over two-thirds of respondents willing to purchase products even while watching their budgets. The study revealed that beauty products are non-negotiable, regardless of budget, because consumers view them as […]

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