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  • In Her Heels ….Part Un

    Tweet EVEN MEN WEAR HEELS… I know that heels are uncomfortable and some people feel that “women should not wear uncomfortable shoes if they are going to bitch and moan about them. I’m not moaning about them. I don’t wear very high heels all the […]

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  • Shoe Wardrobe Essentials

    Tweet This was a reader question from Becky. She wanted to know: I’m an avid reader of your blog, and I especially enjoy your fashion advice. Your ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ were really useful for me as I find I always skip buying the boring basics and […]

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  • Straight from Nina Garcia’s Mouth

    Tweet Invest in a good pair of shoes Even if it’s only one pair. There are only a few designers who make very good shoes. It is difficult and expensive to make a perfect, quality shoe. It is also impossible to make a cheap shoe […]

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