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  • A cheaper alternative to face scrubs and exfoliants: The Sephora Cleansing Pad

    Tweet Now that my skin has calmed down, is “normal” (not oily or dry) and is relatively clear, and a bit sensitive to all harsh or irritating chemicals, I am loathe to do anything to it that will destroy its balance. For once in my […]

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  • What love looks like and what I bought today

    Tweet Love looked like this last night: (Chicken Wings and Rice) No you aren’t seeing things. So how does that equal love? Well it’s because I was absolutely STARVING on Friday, and my belly was growling for a good 3 hours on the futon couch. […]

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  • Vending Machines Updated for Modern Times

    Tweet Need a pair of quick ballet flats? Get them from a vending machine! Two British companies: Rollasole andAfterheels have started a new concept of selling cheap ballet flats in vending machines for late night party-goers. Rollasoles sell for about GBP 5 and come in […]

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