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  • Annoy yourself into saving.

    Tweet I did this tactic for a bit when I first started trying to cut back on my insanely out of control budget categories. I annoyed myself. Every time I put something I KNEW wasn’t a necessity in my grocery basket, I asked myself it […]

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  • Flaws. Here are mine, what are some of yours?

    Tweet I have them, you have them, and Amy from Rainy Saturday has ’em. (She inspired me for this post) Credit So my flaws? Here goes! I’m tough on myself. Like really tough to where I randomly replay my foibles from Grade 2 in my […]

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  • FB’s personal list of 25 things she’d love to do

    Tweet 1. Chop like a professional chef You know what I’m talking about. With their bent knuckles and insanely fast chopping skills…. *envious* *runs out to buy celery to practice* 2. Speak French I’m workin’ on it!! But I still need time to absorb and […]

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