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  • Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Gifts under $100

    Tweet Don’t worry, I threw a nice mix of geek and chic in there with some of my own favourite items. I have a lot of things on the list that are under $50, so don’t be fooled by the title. 2010 LIST OF GIFTS […]

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  • What I’ve learned about choosing a good winter coat

    Tweet Colour Normally everyone chooses black or dark grey. This is so dirt doesn’t show up as badly, bla bla bla.. but really, if you get some dirt on it, or salt, it shows up MORE than if you had a lighter colour coat – […]

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  • Style tips to weather you through the seasons

    Tweet This is from my own personal view of course, and from shopping experience, heartache and disappointment. So I’m going to try and list what I have in my own wardrobe (you can skip those sections if it’s boring), and the reasons why I bought […]

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