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  • How to thoroughly prepare for an interview

    Tweet Even though we all hate interviewing because you have to be ‘on’ and are under a lot of pressure to perform, it is a necessary evil. Hopefully, you will never have to interview more than a few times in your life, but you will […]

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  • Do your homework before you quit your day job

    Tweet I am a firm believer of working at a job that makes you happy most of the time (no job is perfect, after all). EVERYONE should have a chance to follow their passions and be happy at something that sucks up at least 35 […]

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  • Researching Rental Cars

    Tweet I rent a car when I go back to Ontario or when I travel on business. Even if the client pays, I still like getting a good deal. So I did a little online research as upcoming prep for January/February when I may rent […]

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