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  • Men & Strippers

    Tweet Totally my opinion all over this post but I am not surprised that guys have (or do) go to strip clubs, but I definitely don’t approve of them if they have wives or girlfriends… Sure, they may go when they are single, fine, whatever […]

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  • What are men looking for in a woman?

    Tweet I totally, randomly (okay, not randomly, I am after all, writing a blog for mostly women) asked a guy friend last night what he was looking for in a woman. “Well FB, I want a a girl who likes to eat, but not to […]

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  • Reader: How to network even though you (think) you hate it

    Tweet First, it’s not really a natural social skill, and not many people do it actively without thinking. I sure as hell don’t. We are all to some extent, natural introverts. Some of us come out of our shell more often than others and I […]

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  • Is there one soul mate for us out there?

    Is there one soul mate for us out there?

    Tweet This is something up for debate, clearly… but do we believe that there is one, single person out there who is meant for us? I don’t. I’ve met the best match possible for my personality and life, and I am not knocking that he […]

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  • Kids should be treated equally and fairly

    Tweet I can only offer two stories that have shaped my thinking on gifting money or other such generous donations to children. ————————————————————– My Best Friend and her Brother I have a best friend who’s parents recently purchased a brand new car for her brother […]

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