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  • How to break up with a friend, and reasons why you would

    Tweet If any of you watch Being Erica (love that show by the way!), you will know what I mean when I talk about breaking up with friends. The heroine of the show Erica, broke up with her long-time friend Jenny because she just kept […]

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  • "Money can make or break a relationship…"..A true story from a reader

    Tweet In response to my post about Paying more than your fair share a lovely regular reader of my blog wrote this thoughtful, heartfelt response. I’ve asked her permission to print it in its entirety, but she wishes to remain Anonymous, which I will respect. […]

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  • Paying more than your fair share

    Paying more than your fair share

    Tweet Lilli: Hi. The point with splitting bothers me enormously. I earn about twice what my boyfriend does and have been paying always about twice as he does on any activity, we do together. But it botheres me. I makes difficult for me to see […]

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  • Changes for 2008

    Tweet Got me thinking… I have so many random thoughts going through my head right now, I need to get them listed to really see where my life is going for 2008. 1. Starting to save for retirement again in 2008. Stopped the payments because […]

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  • Finances and Marriage

    Tweet BEFORE you get married, here are a couple of things to discuss with your soon-to-be love: Tell each other about purchases…BEFORE you buy them If you can’t do this then you aren’t ready to be married. I wish I had read this before. But […]

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