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  • Why I don’t want to buy a home and will rent for as long as possible

    Tweet I get the distinct feeling from reading my own posts that I might be too strong on my point of not wanting to buy a home. So to clear the air, what I am really saying is: I want to rent for as long […]

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  • Why do you budget?

    Tweet Forget about people telling you that you should budget, you should do this and do that. If you don’t want to budget, you will feel like you are being forced to… and this will make you resent it even more. Why do you budget? […]

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  • Why do you rent instead of paying for a home?

    Tweet Sharon asked a really great question via email about why I’m still renting instead of buying a home. i am wondering why you haven’t bought any property at any stage? To me, owning your own home is the ultimate and paying rent is just […]

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