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  • Would you marry for money?

    Tweet As many women say: love doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table. Love is manufactured and marriage is a business, so why not get the ‘most’ out of it? People generally marry others if they can get something out of it. […]

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  • How not to spend more than you make!

    Tweet Before we start, you should really download and listen to this MP3 from This American Life “Scenes from an American Mall”. It isn’t the best they’ve done, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It’s only available to download for free on the site from Sunday December […]

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  • A professionally kept woman

    Tweet Just read an interesting article over at The New York Times called: Keeping up with being Kept written by a Ruth Padawer on April 10th 2009. The basic premise of Seeking Arrangements (the website) is one of the oldest in the book: Men with […]

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  • Housewives who want to re-enter the workforce?

    Housewives who want to re-enter the workforce?

    Tweet I’ve talked about why I do NOT want to become a Trophy wife so I don’t want to flog that dead horse again, but I am genuinely curious about the following: What happens to her resume even if she did have a career before? […]

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  • Are emotional affairs worse than physical ones?

    Tweet Note: I did post this before, but I had to delete it… (not because of the comments!)… but here it is again. I thought about something interesting the other day, and thought I’d try and expand on that further. And this is all written […]

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