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  • Money buys UNhappiness when you are obsessed with it

    Tweet “There is a correlation between a person’s wealth and decreased ability to savor pleasant experiences” 374 adults in varying ranges of jobs, were split into two groups. The first group was shown a stack of money and the second group, a blurred money of […]

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  • I caved.

    Tweet First, the Birks. Birkenstocks = $145.61 total From the Birkenstock/Naturino store in Westmount on Greene Street. I had desperately wanted to love the style with the cute bronzed leather that didn’t look like “original” Birks, but this is only kind of style that felt […]

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  • Style tips to weather you through the seasons

    Tweet This is from my own personal view of course, and from shopping experience, heartache and disappointment. So I’m going to try and list what I have in my own wardrobe (you can skip those sections if it’s boring), and the reasons why I bought […]

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