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  • Do poor people have a complex when they climb the social ladder?

    Tweet Before we start, thank you Financial Post’s Ora Morison for featuring me, Money Rabbit & Young and Thrifty in this article: Young bloggers look to spark fin lit passion 🙂 ———————————————— A reference to “Status and Poverty” from Journal of the European Economic Association, […]

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  • Generational Poverty: What is your motivation to save?

    Tweet Stellar post by Revanche: Generational Poverty, and how she manages to ‘keep going’ in terms of saving money. Personally, I never want to go back to my college days. Working 80-100 hour weeks, school 40 hours a week, sleeping a few hours a night, […]

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  • Poor people aren’t always lazy people

    Tweet The poor aren’t necessarily ALL lazy. Don’t get me wrong. Some of them are definitely lazy. It is definitely a lack of wanting to work for anything that got them to where they are. Some just turn to a life of crime, or begging, […]

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