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  • Going completely Paperless

    Tweet I’ve written briefly about it before, but I think it’s time to go into detail on how I lead a 95% paperless life. 1. Ask for everything to be changed into an e-bill Stop the problem at the source. Every time a statement floats […]

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  • Go paperless!

    Tweet THE IDEA BEHIND THE SCAN-A-THON This was a project from last year that I embarked on to get rid of all of my paper in an effort to become more of a minimalist, and to be able to pack my entire life into 3 […]

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  • Paper Reducing Strategies

    Paper Reducing Strategies

    Tweet This is how I reduce using a lot of paper. Or at least, how I try to. A reader asked me to blog more about it – so here it is so far! SCANNING EVERYTHING   I went on this huge Scan-a-thon a while […]

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