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  • 10 steps to the perfect closet

    Tweet Everyone wants the perfect closet, but it can be overwhelming to look at the heap of clothes on your floor and not want to run out and buy perfectly packaged outfits instead of sifting through what you already own. I am here to tell […]

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  • How I decluttered my closet

    Tweet Everyone seems to want to know the secret to decluttering my closet, so here’s my behemoth overview. How I decided to take action one day How did you get rid of all your sentimental items? How did I cut down my wardrobe by more […]

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  • What’s In FB’s Bag?

    Tweet Inspired by Well-Heeled Blog’s contest (of which I cannot enter, as I am Canadian and those gift cards to T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s would be meaningless for me), here is what’s in MY bag! I just found it to be a fun exercise. I’ve […]

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  • 10 Tips to Keep your Office/Work Area Neat

    Tweet 1. Go through your mail and deal with it as it comes. Do the following tasks every time you get a piece of mail – Deal with it right away (e.g. paying a bill online) – File it immediately (either in “To Do”/”Waiting for […]

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  • It’s TCB time! (Taking care of business)

    It’s TCB time! (Taking care of business)

    Tweet I hear from a lot of people that they don’t have time. They’re always running out with friends, going over to family homes for dinner, or doing work things. They’re totally excited to do everything, but underlying all of that, I always hear the […]

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