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  • Umm. Hello. I am back on WordPress again.

    Tweet I am. A. Dumbass. I sort of, kinda.. accidentally.. doubly uploaded all my posts, in an effort to try and get my scheduled posts to move the hell over… Once I realized my mistake, I had this horrified look on my face that caused […]

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  • In Remembrance

    Tweet … because it didn’t just affect the Americans. Copyright © 2009 by Fabulously Broke @ FB SAYS: This post is for non-commercial, personal use only. If you aren’t RSS Feeding this or on my site, then this site you’re reading it on is […]

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  • Current TV Shows I am obsessed with

    Tweet Brace yourselves… Wonderful escapism-from-PF-world show for me. All about fashion, shopping, and Rachel is the stereotypical woman (hyped up of course) who doesn’t really care about saving money like her husband Rodger, but just wants to spend, spend, spend & live in the moment. […]

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