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  • “Poor” is not a standard definition

    Tweet If you have a million dollar income but you borrow money from someone who makes less than you do, you’re poor. I know it sounds offbeat and not quite right but think about it: Who borrows? Those who don’t have any money. And who […]

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  • If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it: Why I feel like an outsider in my family

    Tweet Everyone in my family owns a home, of at least 1500 square feet. No, they’re not all paid off, and yes, I’m an outsider for not owning one, and more importantly, not wanting to own one. They all understand in my mother’s words, that […]

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  • I met Mr. Jones…

    Tweet Visited my family the other day. Had a (rare) heart-to-heart with him about finances, life and even love. Which is really strange because we’re not close family members, but I think he’s trying to compare what he was like at my age, to what […]

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