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  • Too cool to save

    Tweet Remember how in high school, if you were really into studying and getting good grades, you were somewhat of a pariah among the cool kids? If you were really into math or if you weren’t interested in going to underage keggers every weekend, you […]

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  • Not planning for retirement is like cramming for an exam

    Tweet Remember the good ol’ days in college where you’d stay up to pull an all-nighter, drink 15 cups of coffee* and type in a frenzied haze of caffeine? Then after you stalk a Kinko’s (printing shop) that opens at 7 a.m. to print your […]

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  • easy way hard way

    The Best Way to Turn Time Into Money

    Tweet Lately, there’s been a lot of talk around the personal finance interwebs about passive income. And I can understand why. Passive income is generated while you’re lounging on the beach, playing with your kids, enjoying a good night’s sleep, or doing anything under the […]

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  • The War Menu: Living with $100 a month for food

    Tweet Inspired by my West Coast girl Krystal, who caught some flack for mentioning wanting to try out an emergency food budget of $100 a month, I thought I’d post BF’s war menu. See, this idea came about when he saw our food budget rise […]

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  • Retirement is not a right

    Tweet Maybe retirement should be a right, like high-speed internet that is written into the constitution in Finland (Thanks for that bit of info, AP!), but it simply isn’t. Just the other day I was talking to my sister and trying to coax her into […]

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