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  • Shopping your closet: 5 major style rules to follow

    Tweet Here’s what I follow as general style rules: The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel should be The louder the piece, the more neutral the rest of the outfit should be Tight things need to be paired with baggier items so you don’t […]

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  • Shopping your closet: Mixing styles and making pieces work double-duty

    Tweet This is a follow-up post to: 10 steps to get your wardrobe to where you want it to be from my other blog. I had a couple of readers tell me that they knew what styles they liked, but they seemed to be all […]

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  • Shopping your closet: How to mix and match colours

    Tweet I’m going to try something out where instead of creating a whole other style blog, I’ll do little bits of what I wear and how I figure out what to do under a new series called: Shopping your closet. I don’t want to create […]

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