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  • Don’t let Facebook ruin your relationships

    Tweet LOL!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

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  • The Dating Age Gap

    The Dating Age Gap

    Tweet What’s an acceptable age gap between men and women? To date that is? I have this theory that when we’re younger, anything over one or two years can make a HUGE deal. Like the age of an 16 year old dating a 20 year […]

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  • Is there one soul mate for us out there?

    Is there one soul mate for us out there?

    Tweet This is something up for debate, clearly… but do we believe that there is one, single person out there who is meant for us? I don’t. I’ve met the best match possible for my personality and life, and I am not knocking that he […]

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  • Appropriate BF/GF Outing Behaviours

    Appropriate BF/GF Outing Behaviours

    Tweet I don’t know how girls/women deal with guys going to strip clubs, but personally I detest the idea. I don’t do it, and if BF did it, I would never want to hear about it nor know that he was there because I’d think […]

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  • "Money can make or break a relationship…"..A true story from a reader

    Tweet In response to my post about Paying more than your fair share a lovely regular reader of my blog wrote this thoughtful, heartfelt response. I’ve asked her permission to print it in its entirety, but she wishes to remain Anonymous, which I will respect. […]

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