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  • Cooking & Gender: Men, Women & Stereotypes

    Tweet This’ll be a fast post. Why are women considered to be the ones who SHOULD cook in a household, but in a professional setting, there are more men who are chefs, than women? I’m an avid fan of Top Chef, Top Chef Masters… okay, […]

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  • Why the hell do guys have to pay for everything? :)

    Tweet This article from Well-Heeled about a couple that divorced 25 years ago, really annoyed me. Long story short, they divorced amicably, and signed papers saying they would waive all future rights to alimony from each other. The husband re-married, and 25 years later, the […]

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  • Men & Strippers

    Tweet Totally my opinion all over this post but I am not surprised that guys have (or do) go to strip clubs, but I definitely don’t approve of them if they have wives or girlfriends… Sure, they may go when they are single, fine, whatever […]

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