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  • How to cook and eat for cheaper at home

    Tweet I normally hate doing these posts because I always think that as a reader, I’d never want to read it. This is my reaction to cheaper and “healthier” frugal eating: Ugh, people give me advice like eat oatmeal or go vegetarian but if you […]

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  • Cook at home or Eat out?

    Tweet Debt Hater was debating between eating at home all the time or eating out. She wanted to know how to figure out a way to see if eating at home was cheaper or not. For me, it is cheaper to eat at home. Without […]

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  • Meals from the week

    Tweet Doing a summary post of the kinds of meals I ate this week. BF was on a hamburger kick *bliss* and I l-o-v-e hamburgers. My belly is happy. Very happy. (Oh and in between, we also had vegetarian pasta with tomatoes, garlic and onion)

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