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  • May 2011 Budget Roundup -($11,230.19)

    Tweet GOING ON VACATION FOR 5 WEEKS!! I am doing this post mid-month because I am leaving for a month. I’ve booked all my flights, hotel and converted cash, so I have a rough idea of what I will be spending for the rest of […]

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  • May 2009 Budget Recap

    Tweet ORIGINAL BUDGET: $1500 I stuck well under this budget. Spent around $1300 actually. I could have spent less, but Etsy beckoned and I bought 2 wrap dresses (what? this is the summer of dresses after all). I shall post pics once I actually get […]

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  • May 2009 Budget

    Tweet BUDGET GOAL FOR MAY: Not to do any extraneous spending Pretend this is an Emergency Fund month at $1500 given. Need to prove something to myself about my budget. NO TRIPS this month. BF is on a contract & will not have time. Figure […]

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