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  • Compounding Interest: The Breakdown of How It Is Calculated

    Tweet Compounding interest is actually pretty simple. You just need to learn a bit of algebra and keep your brackets straight.   Simple compounding interest (monthly) just lets you do ONE single amount for the entire length of time. Example: $5000 in 40 years at […]

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  • Can you really get rich off playing the Lottery?

    Tweet I once wrote an article called: A Lottery Ticket is not a Retirement Plan, but I may just have to eat my words! Or at the very least, modify them to say: A Lottery Ticket is not a Retirement Plan, but a Scratch Lottery […]

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  • Women on TV and the Industries they work in

    Tweet I was watching some of my favourite shows on video the other day and noticed something interesting: None of them work in Engineering or the Sciences, and only a few are in sort of very male dominated industries. Check it out: Sex and the […]

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