Mashed Potatoes Archive

  • Minced Pork and Spinach with a Sweet Mash on the side

    Tweet Minced Pork with Spinach and a Sweet potato mash Okay, so I lied. It’s not really a mash. I just kind of baked the potatoes, removed the skin and half-heartedly forked them. No added salt or cream, just the way they are was perfectly […]

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  • I am on this mashed potato train and I can’t get off…

    Tweet Stupid Fantastic Comfort Food. (As per disagreements in comments!) Minced Pork with Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes (There really isn’t that much pork in there. More potatoes than pork, the green beans are underneath) Got the minced pork for sale in the grocery store […]

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  • Lazy Asian Glazed Chicken & Mashed Creamy Taters

    Tweet I call it lazy because prep time is low, I’m just mixing sauces, and the only hard part is mashing down the potatoes. Chicken Marinate chicken Mix the following ingredients until it’s an even paste Blobs of Oyster Sauce Drizzle of Soy Sauce Honey […]

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