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  • Giving up before even trying: How people let money slip through their fingers

    Tweet Know how you wonder why some people just seem luckier? They just seem to be able to find work like contracts, or things just happen to fall into their lap? Well let me propose something radical: Maybe they just simply ask for it, put […]

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  • Luck: Is it truly random, or can it be learned?

    Tweet This article talks about whether or not luck is something that can not only be created, but learned as well. The Gist of it: With two groups of lucky and unlucky people, Richard Wiseman (the psychologist) did a quick test by having them count […]

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  • Poor people aren’t always lazy people

    Tweet The poor aren’t necessarily ALL lazy. Don’t get me wrong. Some of them are definitely lazy. It is definitely a lack of wanting to work for anything that got them to where they are. Some just turn to a life of crime, or begging, […]

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