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  • The cost of living: why opinions can differ even within the same city

    Tweet This may come as no surprise to many of you, but it’s still an interesting discussion for me to write about. I think the general consensus is that minimum wage average household income is around $30,000 a year in North America (higher, lower, it’s […]

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  • Living at home with your parents: The scoop

    Tweet Reader Karoline wrote in to me recently (and some other readers as well), sympathizing and asking how living with the ‘rents has fared for me. Well… there’s always good and bad right? Here are my thoughts on how I deal with my parents before […]

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  • Why I DON’T want to be a trophy wife

    Why I DON’T want to be a trophy wife

    Tweet It’s a guest post actually by Megan… posted by LAL (Living Almost Large) My answer: Megan makes a good a point about her values making her feel the way she does (stay at home, etc). I can’t fault that at all, because we all […]

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  • Living with someone

    Living with someone

    Tweet As you all know, I’m now living in another city with BF. To move out, I brought everything I needed in these 3 bags: 1 Carry-On 1 Puma-like Athletic Bag 1 Backpack Granted, it isn’t EVERYTHING I own, I have about 2-3 large suitcases […]

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  • FB Retro: Bachelor Pads

    FB Retro: Bachelor Pads

    Tweet This is a FB Retro Post Not his apartment. One of my guy friends is lamenting about how he’s going to meet new women.. He’s a decent looking guy, nice personality, a bit quirky, but a genuinely pleasant person. Yet he can’t seem to […]

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