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  • Can you learn how to be a genius?

    Tweet This BBC News Article – Is there a genius in all of us, seems to think so. Talent researchers Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Kevin Rathunde and Samuel Whalen agree. “High academic achievers are not necessarily born ‘smarter’ than others,” they write in their book Talented Teenagers, “but […]

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  • Languages, prices and the ups and downs

    Tweet Well-Heeled talked about this recently with paying a tutor to help her brush up on her Mandarin. For me, I am taking a different tack, and the tack has a name: FREE. No paid tutor (BF is free and willing to help me learn […]

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  • I failed, y’all… but it was the best failure ever.

    Tweet But I am strangely optimistic! I failed my driving test. *sigh* It’s too embarrassing to talk about. I think my problem was I was expecting it to be harder, so I made myself UBER nervous. I was PERFECT for 3 hours in the car, […]

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