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  • Multi-colored wardrobe showcase, closeup

    How to Care for Clothes: The Poorly Dressed Grownup’s Guide

    Tweet Spring is here, and it’s time to go shopping. After I shed my winter weight, I’m hitting the outlet and shopping malls. At 5′ 9.5″ tall, finding clothes that fit me well is tough. Plus, my clothes, particularly pants, are pricier than those designed […]

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  • Laundry Secret: I don’t use detergent 99% of the time

    Tweet I just don’t. Unless it’s kitchen towels covered in grease, or really muddy, greasy clothes in the load, I don’t bother. It comes out smelling fresh and is perfectly clean without that horribly over-perfumed scent of fake flowers or fake mountain breezes. The agitation, […]

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  • How to make laundry more enjoyable

    Tweet (Umm.. no cats in the machine, okay? Source) Would you believe that I actually enjoy laundry? Call me crazy, but since I don’t do much in laundry, I like folding it, putting it away, ironing shirts. Don’t start care packaging laundry to me. That […]

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  • Eco-Friendly yet Frugal Laundering

    Eco-Friendly yet Frugal Laundering

    Tweet I thought a lot about being a frugal launderer, and in fact I even wrote a post on the 10 things you can do to save money on laundry. But here is the post, re-vamped to be environmentally-friendly… 1. Wash on cold water only […]

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