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  • Results: Languages and Readers

    Tweet Let me begin by saying that you are all one talented bunch of linguists. I was reading comment after comment after I had asked how many languages each of you know, and I was totally amazed! 🙂 And now I know if I ever […]

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  • How many languages do you speak? :)

    Tweet Well-Heeled posed the question before to her own readers, but I’m curious about my readers too!   So far, I say 2 languages for me: English = Native tongue French = Intermediate (I am not a beginner, and I am not advanced)   Next […]

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  • Seriously? Did I just say "those people who learn another language are freaking morons"? I didn’t think so.

    Tweet And as usual, you are all being too f*cking politically correct. I totally disagree with all of you immediately got your hackles up and were offended by my post instead of seeing that what I’m ranting about could have a huge fat kernel of […]

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