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  • June 2011 Budget Roundup -$(818.66)

    Tweet Just came back from 5 weeks in Asia I had a pretty good trip overall. No bug bites for either of us until we hit Singapore, which is a miracle. My favourite cities in order, and the ones in blue are the only ones […]

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  • June 2010 – Budget Roundup +$13,834.19

    Tweet To all my fellow Canadians: HAPPY CANADA DAY! I was going to do this yesterday, but I was traveling back for Canada Day… so here it is, hours late. Solly! INCOME: $19,800 Gross income for June 2010 After taxes, I’m expecting ~$13,000 net EXPENSES: […]

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  • June 2009 Budget

    Tweet Let’s call this the: Month of very, very low costs. No internet, no TV, no use for a car, no contract, nothing but rent and food. *sigh* Budget back up to $1500/month for now. I am not planning on going over… and I have […]

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