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  • 10 Organizing Tips

    10 Organizing Tips

    Tweet 1) Edit, edit edit. I constantly edit my things and belongings, because if you own 5 different types of pots or baskets for example, you end up only using one in the end. The other way to do it is if you KNOW you […]

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  • Getting organized = Gaining control

    Getting organized = Gaining control

    Tweet The NY Times had an interesting article entitled To Create Order… First Get Organized. It goes over the life of a professional organizer and tries to explain a bit more on how they go through the process of organizing. It’s pretty interesting to learn […]

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  • Frugal ways to update your home

    Frugal ways to update your home

    Tweet   You’re probably looking around your apartment/home/condo and thinking: OH MY GOD. I need to change it. It’s looking so drab and it’s making me depressed, especially for the start of such a fabulous 2008.   But the problem is you aren’t exactly swimming […]

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