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  • Fascinations from around the Web

    Tweet Well it sounds more interesting that “cool things I found interesting from the web” right? 🙂 Baby Squirrel Nursed by a Momma Cat Via Squandrous. Sexy Fairytales An adult version of our favourites: Cinderella Red Riding Hood Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Rapunzel […]

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  • Nooks.

    Tweet Nooks. I love a cosy little nook area. I am a huge fan of open, empty space but they’re just so comforting. Being able to lean up against the wall on your bed and look outside, is refreshing. Having windows all around you is […]

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  • Organization: The Front Door

    Organization: The Front Door

    Tweet If you always find yourself losing your keys, your purse, cellphone.. whatever. Or feel that you take 15 minutes longer to grab your stuff before leaving then you need to figure out a way to get organized the minute you get in the door, […]

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  • Flavour Paper (Wallpaper)

    Flavour Paper (Wallpaper)

    Tweet Not your grandma’s wallpaper, that’s for sure. They’d be SO COOL as an accent wall, or a feature somewhere, or even for a kid’s bedroom. Maybe not even the whole wall. Just half a wall? Behind a huge cabinet with open space? Credit of […]

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