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  • Making money needs to have a point

    Tweet If you are making money, you need to have a point of why you’re making that money: To pay the rent so you can live in a city To eat good food (not Food Bank donations) To save for your future so you can […]

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  • $88,000 and a family becomes debt-free after 3 years

    Tweet My favourite line of the whole video was Carole Caroll (a slightly difficult name for me to say) saying that they didn’t want to declare bankruptcy: “We made the debt, we should pay for it!” And Don Carroll — “You learn to live with what […]

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  • Take colour inspiration from your environment

    Take colour inspiration from your environment

    Tweet – I paired this one even without thinking about it. I had a salmon pink scarf and a deep grey top. I wore the two together with a white jacket, and immediately loved the combination and now am looking for other interesting combinations by […]

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