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  • Reaching “financial independence”

    Tweet Everyone (including myself) stresses the importance of financial independence, but what does that really mean? For some, it’s a feeling. For others, it’s concrete. For me, it’s both. I think I finally felt like I reached “financial independence” when I hit these major milestones: […]

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  • The Other Side of Freelancing

    Tweet Story time! I have a friend who has a freelancing wife. She works in a very niche area of the industry, whereas he works at a company doing a completely different job, earning (my guess) around $40,000 a year. She originally used to pull […]

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  • Being your own boss is not the only answer

    Tweet Full disclaimer: I am a freelancer who also blogs independently. I used to work for a corporation but then I quit in 2008, about a year before the recession hit. Since the recession, people have been getting laid off from their jobs and starting […]

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  • Reader Request: Budgeting for a Nervous Wreck Self-Employed Person

    Tweet Reader Question In response to: Answer to Gail’s Polly Riddle I would love to see a blog for us Nervous Wreck Self-Employed Persons…which I am one of. I am always struggling about how to budget, have an emergency fund, how much to take for […]

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  • Why I (think) I don’t like designer items

    Why I (think) I don’t like designer items

    Tweet When I was visiting my best friend the other day, she mentioned going out of control and spending on a Louis Vuitton handbag, as well as a Coach one and a couple of Tiffany items. I first told her how ugly I thought the […]

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