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  • Learning how not to assume too much

    Tweet I write a lot about things people think are too controversial at times because it doesn’t apply to them (or it does!), such as whether or not men prefer women who make less than they do, and I know readers get mad when I […]

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    Are women burning out by the age of 30?

    Tweet Read an article the other day on Forbes about Millennial women (my generation!) burning out by the time they hit the age of 30. …..ambitious [women] go-getters are working as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and advertising executives, blessed with great salaries, health benefits, and paid […]

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  • The Million Dollar Idea: Different ways of making money by This American Life

    Tweet Before we start, I really want to draw your attention to one of my favourite blogs: Must Read: Whoever has the gold, makes the rules. I couldn’t have said it better than the Girl with the Red Balloon. She is inspirational and absolutely right. […]

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  • Vending Machines Updated for Modern Times

    Tweet Need a pair of quick ballet flats? Get them from a vending machine! Two British companies: Rollasole andAfterheels have started a new concept of selling cheap ballet flats in vending machines for late night party-goers. Rollasoles sell for about GBP 5 and come in […]

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