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  • Why I don’t want to buy a home and will rent for as long as possible

    Tweet I get the distinct feeling from reading my own posts that I might be too strong on my point of not wanting to buy a home. So to clear the air, what I am really saying is: I want to rent for as long […]

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  • When should you buy a house? Homeownership versus Renting

    Tweet Came across an interesting article from the Globe and Mail (a Canadian newspaper) a while back discussing why Why Many Homeowners Should Have Rented, excerpts in bold blue below. Now before you all roll your eyes at the article (and perhaps at me?) and […]

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  • No one really wants to cut back.

    Tweet It seems as though everyone would rather make more money than cut back on expenses. Just the other day, I heard the following lines coming out of The Idiot: “We don’t have any money coming in now, but we CAN’T give up cable TV! […]

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  • Frugal ways to update your home

    Frugal ways to update your home

    Tweet   You’re probably looking around your apartment/home/condo and thinking: OH MY GOD. I need to change it. It’s looking so drab and it’s making me depressed, especially for the start of such a fabulous 2008.   But the problem is you aren’t exactly swimming […]

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