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  • A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

    Tweet Not exactly, but it’s still pretty impressive! 2100 pages of a flipbook by an art student named Jamie Bell. Via & thanks to Eric of Narrow Bridge for sharing it in my Google Reader — Subscribe to my Google Reader feed here!.

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  • Review: As the Romans did

    Tweet I have always been .. shall we say obsessed or enamoured with Roman and Greek history. I admired Alexander the Great of Macedonia, I eagerly followed Caesar’s exploits and his eventual downfall, and who could not love the practical Emperor Hadrian even though he […]

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  • How long should you keep your records?

    Tweet Tax returns (state and federal): I am not sure about the U.S. as I’ve heard the IRS says you should keep everything you’ve ever filed, FOREVER.. but in Canada, I’ve heard from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) that we should keep up to 7 […]

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