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  • Need to do a group presentation? Read this.

    Tweet First impressions count. A lot. In a group presentation, be it a choir or just a business presentation, the details count. People are visual Look nice. Make sure your shoes are clean and shiny, you don’t look messy and your hair is pulled away […]

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  • 10 steps to the perfect closet

    Tweet Everyone wants the perfect closet, but it can be overwhelming to look at the heap of clothes on your floor and not want to run out and buy perfectly packaged outfits instead of sifting through what you already own. I am here to tell […]

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  • What did you receive for your college graduation?

    Tweet When I graduated, I received major pressure from my mother to attend my graduation (I skipped it, as I find ceremonies horribly boring). In contrast, everyone else in my family was in favour of me SKIPPING my graduation, getting pictures taken on the near-empty […]

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  • Emergency Fashion Kits

    Emergency Fashion Kits

    Tweet Whenever I think of all the fashion emergencies I’ve had over the years (no wardrobe malfunctions, but close to them!), I always try to keep a list and update what I think I would need as an emergency fashion kit to deal with anything […]

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  • Twitter 101: What is Twitter and How Do I Use It?

    Tweet WHAT IS TWITTER? It is like an instant messaging system of sorts, except you don’t have to be online all the time, or even or specifically interacting with anyone you are following to join in on conversations. You just read a whole bunch of […]

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