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  • Make it easy to eat healthier: Stock your fridge properly!

    Tweet If you are a nibbler, snacker or grazer like I am, you find that a lot of your grocery bill goes towards SNACKS — things you can grab in a pinch, eat quickly and feel satisfied without having to get sweaty and dirty a […]

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  • Recipe: Vegan Miso Brussel Sprouts with Portobello Mushrooms

    Tweet I made up a recipe the other day. I was in the store, saw brussel sprouts, remembered how great they are for your health, and had an inkling that portobello mushrooms would taste really great in the dish (plus, make up for the fact […]

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  • How to cook and eat for cheaper at home

    Tweet I normally hate doing these posts because I always think that as a reader, I’d never want to read it. This is my reaction to cheaper and “healthier” frugal eating: Ugh, people give me advice like eat oatmeal or go vegetarian but if you […]

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