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  • Money buys UNhappiness when you are obsessed with it

    Tweet “There is a correlation between a person’s wealth and decreased ability to savor pleasant experiences” 374 adults in varying ranges of jobs, were split into two groups. The first group was shown a stack of money and the second group, a blurred money of […]

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  • Ordinary Pleasures: The Well-Kept Secret of little things that make you feel RICH

    Tweet Pleasure really doesn’t cost a lot. Savouring the basic pleasures and not taking everything that we do for granted as “what we deserve to get because we work hard”, can work wonders to help our pleasure quotient. Our brain tends to be extremely sensitive […]

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  • The Key Factors to Happiness

    Tweet Here’s the recipe to happiness folks: read the extensive and very interesting article here (Art of Manliness). Here’s the summary of the whole article, and I made a note for myself of how many things I can check off from it. Things that correlate […]

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