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  • Google Reader Shared Items: How to find your URL to share with others

    Tweet I share a lot of articles from around the web (like real-time Link Love) via my Fabulously Broke’s Shared Items RSS Feed, located here: 1. In Google Reader at the very top under Add Subscription, open the + sign on All Items in […]

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  • Google Reader SNAFU: Cannot get a feed from my URL

    Tweet FB NOTE: I’ve noticed about a 400 count drop in my Feedburner count since the switch. Some of you are starting to come back in the feeds (sort of), but the majority of you are lost. I believe this is due to the fact […]

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  • Konami Code your Google Reader

    Tweet Freaking hilarious. I am doing this every time I log in now to get an awesome looking ninja in my Google Reader and make hearts appear when I click on “Like”. In your Google Reader, type the following: Up Up Down Down Left Right […]

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  • How to get Google Reader Offline

    Tweet Step 1: Download and install Google Gears Link: Google Gears This is super easy to install. Just run the .exe (executable file) and it will update your Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. Step 2: Re-start Firefox/Internet Explorer Step 3: Go to Google Reader […]

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  • RSS Feeds: Your blog & your Google Reader shared items

    RSS Feeds: Your blog & your Google Reader shared items

    Tweet Got a question from Life is Wonderful who asked what the difference was between my blog feed and my Google Reader shared items. The short answer is that they’re both separate RSS feeds. The long answer: One RSS feed is the posts for my […]

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