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  • The psychology of gifts

    Tweet With the holiday season fast approaching, do you ever feel like you can never find the perfect gift? Do you feel like it must be a Personalized Creations gifts for it to be the best? Or you feel like if someone asks for money, […]

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  • Charitable Donations: When it doesn’t make sense to give your money away

    Tweet Lest you think I’m some Scrooge-like miser, I donate to charities on an annual basis and write one cheque at the end of the year. I tend to give a flat amount (nothing based on a percentage of my income, as my income is […]

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  • Parents and Finances – what have you received?

    Tweet Stacking Pennies (SP) brings up a great post asking what you have received from your parents. This is a really good post to make you think, not that it matters since parents have kids selflessly and don’t think about the money in the sense […]

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